Emerging Technology for Education

February 20, 2007

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Emerging technology for education is always an exciting topic. In this podcast, I quickly review some interesting hardware and software that’s truly changing the modern classroom and the role of the teacher. There are tons of tools at our disposal, and it’s in our best interests, as well as the best interests of our students, to use these devices and technologies to help enhance our teaching. Below are some links about the different types of devices mentioned in the show:Electronic Whiteboards:
Education World’s article on Electronic Whiteboards
Shamble’s collection of articles on Whiteboards

Wireless Tablets:
Interwrite Schoolpad (this is the one I use, couldn’t find any others that did the same things)
Interwrite Recording Examples – Some examples of movies recorded in the software. Audio is terrible, The demonstrator had the mic too close to their mouth.

Survey Devices:
Vanderbilt’s research on Classroom Response Systems
James Madison University offers their analysis on CRS
Educause offers this collection of Resources on CRS

Gary Stager’s page on podcasting for education
FM Studio’s free How-To
About.com’s page for podcasting
Blogs In Education

About.com’s weblog entry
Wikipedia on Weblogs

A collection of Educational Weblogs

Google Maps Homepage
Google search for Google Maps in Education
Acalanes Union High School district’s lesson plans using Google Maps
Teach42.com’s review of Google Maps and Microsoft’s Live Maps

Online Testing/Anti-Plagarism
USF’s page exploring Quia as a testing site
Quia Home Page
A Collection of Plagarism Links



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